Friday, May 16, 2008

Five People You Gotta Pay Attention to Today

“It’s almost a time warp. All the predatory and demeaning and discriminatory stuff that went on in workplaces 20, 30 years ago is alive and well in these professions.” -- Sylvia Ann Hewlett, found of the Center for Work-Life Policy, speaking about women in science, technology and engineering

"There's a lot of happy talk around that we're going to have slowing in the rate of growth in young workers and, therefore, employers are going to want to hire older workers just at the time that older workers are going to want to work. We think it's much less clear than that." --Boston College economist Alicia Munnell, co-author of "Working Longer," a book to be published this month by the Brookings Institution.

“For many in the millennium Y Generation, they don’t understand the repercussions. They think everybody’s cool. In reality, no – everybody’s not cool.” -- leadership coach Peggy Klaus, talking about employers finding unflattering online information about job candidates that can damage their chances of getting a position

"Rwanda's economy has risen up from the genocide and prospered greatly on the backs of our women. Bringing women out of the home and fields has been essential to our rebuilding. In that process, Rwanda has changed forever. . . . We are becoming a nation that understands that there are huge financial benefits to equality." --Agnes Matilda Kalibata, minister of state in charge of agriculture

"You can work all the time and still live in a studio apartment. You can be recognized walking down the street, but somehow you can't afford to buy a home. That's not right in every possible way."-- agent Devon Jackson, speaking about declining actor's wages


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