Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just Wear a Potato Sack -- With a Really Cute Belt

For many people, it's always been tough deciding what to wear to work. If today's news is any indication of the confusion assaulting the workplace, I think we may be headed for real trouble.

First, we have Rachael Ray being criticized because she wore a scarf that, according to some people, resembles the traditional Arab scarf known as a kaffiyeh. Ray sported the scarf in a new commercial for Dunkin' Donuts. Conservative pundits were outraged, while the stylist, I imagine, was a bit bewildered why a black and white scarf with a paisley design is causing such an uproar. One blog commenter, obviously tongue in cheek, said that Ray isn't a terrorist, but the stylist probably is.

That brings me to the next fashion fuss: "Sex And the City" attire as featured in the new movie is possibly prompting women to wear provocative clothes to work as a way of getting ahead. Some career women howl at the notion, and even men seem dumbfounded that a woman's cleavage should be considered a way to gain career, er, leverage.

I've always had a pretty simple rule: If you can wear is clubbing, to mow the back 40 in or to sleep in, it's never appropriate for work. I may have to amend that to: or could have you be considered a terrorist or a stripper.

What do you think? Do you believe people are judged more by their looks these days and what they wear -- rather than for their abilities?


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