Anita Bruzzese is a nationally syndicated columnist on the workplace and award-winning journalist.

Also a highly rated speaker, she has addressed audiences on topics ranging from taking control of your career, avoiding workplace blunders and responsible business blogging.

She has appeared on The Today show, been interviewed on public radio and been quoted in many national publications such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour and

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Anita’s latest book

A New York Post top 10 most notable business book for 2007 top 20 workplace book

“In her writing style that engages millions of readers every day, Bruzzese reveals the most important strategies to keep your career on track. Reading this book might just triple your chances of being promoted… If you don’t read this book, I hope you enjoy watching everyone else get promoted.”

— Tom Rath, author of How Full is Your Bucket? and Vital Friend


How Teaching Can Make You Unforgettable

Recently, I posed this question on Twitter: “What was the name of your favorite teacher and what did he/she teach?” I immediately got nearly a dozen responses, and the enthusiasm was palpable. English, history, economics, drums and literature teachers were lauded by fellow Twitterers who noted how the favored teacher was “encouraging,” “brilliant,” had “patience” or…

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Research: Female Managers Focus More on Well-Being of Workers

Corporate women in America are more burned out than men, but continue to offer greater support to their teams than their male counterparts, finds a new study from LeanIn.Org and McKinsey and Co. Specifically, the study of 400 organizations employing 12 million people, found that women leaders are helping their employees navigate work/life challenges, such as making…

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Should You Work With a Spouse?

I’ve never watched “Sister Wives” before, but caught an episode last night where all the wives quit their jobs and moved from Utah to Las Vegas, Nev. with their husband. As I understand it, they want to launch a family business together, although they have no idea what that will be. And, based on what…

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Is Technology Making You Rude?

Nearly everyone has a story about someone at work who has been rude. Perhaps it was the boss who sent a snippy e-mail or the co-worker who made snarky comments, but workplace civility often seems to have gone the way of the typewriter. The deeper issue with workplace rudeness is how it affects the bottom-line…

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