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45 Things You Do To Drive Your Boss Crazy…and How to Avoid Them, is based on my experience with some of the eight million readers of my workplace column over the last 15 years. The premise is simple: Bosses do not hire you to fire you. But after two decades of covering the workplace from all its bends and angles, I think we have a real problem. Many workers, again and again, make the same mistakes that are simply driving bosses crazy. The result: these workers don’t get included on big projects, they don’t get promoted and they may even get pushed out or fired.

So, why aren’t employees doing better? I believe it’s because they don’t understand WHY the boss wants them to know these rules. The boss figures that he’s not a parent, and the employee should already know these rules, so he’s not explaining why an employee gabbing on the cell phone drives him crazy. He’s not going to take the time to outline why it’s so important an employee write things down. And he’s sure as heck not going to explain why an employee needs to be up on current events. Bosses, in other words, don’t have time to write down the rules and explain why he or she cares about them.

But I do.

If you want to know the things that drive your boss crazy, and the secret to developing a better relationship with the boss while boosting your own career, order “45 Things That Drive Your Boss Crazy…and How to Avoid Them.

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