Praise for Take This Job and Thrive

From Booklist

Career and workplace specialist Bruzzese, who writes the nationally syndicated "On the Job" column, uses the results of her interviews with hundreds of employers and employees to offer a book full of advice on how to successfully navigate the rocky shoals of the workplace to secure a productive work life. Her handbook, presented in a succinct format but rendered with rousing spirit, discusses such topics as how to be the best "commodity" you can be in your place of employment, so that your name isn't on the next pink-slip list; sprucing and juicing up your work environment, in both psychological and material terms; constructing a career strategy to keep you on the right track for your needs and interests; troubleshooting workplace problems, which are usually personnel related; and improving your all-important communication skills. Sound, commonsense ideas couched in encouragement.

Book is a keeper, July 31, 2005

"I ordered this book a couple of years ago and ended up buying it for all my employees. I still think it has lots of valuable advice for most people who want to be successful. In fact,I'd like to see it expanded...some of my younger employees could use all the advice they can get."

Great place to turn, October 22, 1999

This book has been really good for me. It's easy to read, yet tackles the kinds of problems I face almost every day on the job. It's sort of a guide for the working person. And it's a great reminder that we can empower ourselves to steer our careers in the direction we want and take steps to ease the daily grind. I recommend it.