There are hundreds of resources available online to assist you with all aspects of your career, whether it’s finding a job, networking, training or joining a professional organization. The following are some categories of sites that may be helpful.


Federal agencies offer such information as layoff resources, training opportunities, guidance for victims of discrimination and help for small businesses. Many are in English and Spanish.


Many nonprofit groups have done a great job of offering free resources and information to job seekers, entrepreneurs and those just trying to figure out what kind of career they want. Many offer multilingual information.

For those over 50

Sometimes finding job opportunities or networking for those over 50 can present challenges. Resources aimed toward this age group continue to grow.

Working from home

Special attention should be paid to working from home so the arrangement is a win-win situation. Preparation and doing your homework are key.

Women’s resources

Many websites focus on helping women with their job searches or career goals, including networking with other women in specific industries.

Job search and career information

Job and career sites can offer a lot of useful information, including how to improve your interview performance and dealing with difficult bosses or co-workers. You can also look for jobs and post your resume.

Information on employers

It’s always a good idea to find out as much information as you can on a current employer or a future one.


If you are in management, there are a couple of places you might want to check out for further support and education.


Networking is critical in finding a job, furthering a career and growing a business. These sites offer support, ideas and social networking.

Legal issues

When faced with issues of discrimination, termination or other legal issues, you need information on your rights and options. These sites offer insight on the existing laws, your rights as an employee, the legal standings of employers and where to get help.