Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Salute to Great Bloggers

I had never heard of the "Premio Dardos" award until Robyn McMaster told me she had given it to me. While I'm disappointed this doesn't involve being given an award made of chocolate, I am still excited that someone as smart and "brainy" as Robyn thought this blog worthy of recognition.

According to the rules of the Premio Dardos ("prize darts" in Italian), I am supposed to pass it along to 15 other great bloggers in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values in the form of creative and original writing.

When I did a little research, I've learned that a lot of terrific blogs have already been recognized, so I'm going to try and mention a few that may not have received this award yet. If you've already gotten the award, then let this be a message from me that you do great work.

My list of bloggers, in no particular order:

1. Career Diva by Eva Tahmincioglu
2. What Would Dad Say by G.L. Hoffman
3.Keppie Careers by Miriam Salpeter
4. JibberJobber by Jason Alba
5. No Assembly Requiredby Thom Singer
6. Plant Whatever Brings You Joy by Kathryn Hall
7. The Urban Muse by Susan Johnston
8.Water Cooler Wisdomby Alexandra Levit
9. Cube Rulesby Scot Herrick
10. Career Encouragement
11. Evil HR Lady
12. Cranky Middle Managerby Wayne Turmel
13. Life@Workby Heather Mundell
14. Pongo Resume
15. Dr. Judith Orloff

I've been greatly inspired by these blogs, and hope you are, too. To my "Premium Dardos" recipients, I promise next time there will be chocolate. For now, take a bow.

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