Research: Female Managers Focus More on Well-Being of Workers

Research: Female Managers Focus More on Well-Being of Workers

Corporate women in America are more burned out than men, but continue to offer greater support to their teams than their male counterparts, finds a new study from LeanIn.Org and McKinsey and Co.

Specifically, the study of 400 organizations employing 12 million people, found that women leaders are helping their employees navigate work/life challenges, such as making sure workloads are manageable and making sure workers are coping and doing well. 

The research also finds:

  • Senior-level women are twice as likely as their male counterparts to dedicate time to diversity, equity and inclusions. McKinsey research has found that organizations that create strong, supportive cultures are more likely to retain the best people, leading to stronger bottom-line results.
  • Women who take on this extra work aren’t being recognized for it. That’s why McKinsey researchers suggest that companies tie management performance and compensation measures to the overall well-being of workers.
  • Even though artificial intelligence and robotics are becoming more popular in the workplace, more employers are focusing on the importance of human social and emotional skills in addition to decision-making and statistical skills.

If you’re in a job that feels as if it’s stagnating or you’re not getting enough support from your manager, it may be time to consider whether your boss may be the biggest obstacle to your success. If so, it might be time to consider organizations that reward managers for looking out for the well-being of the bottom line — and the employees.


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